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Divorce does not always have to be expensive and contentious. Instead of long and expensive divorce process, you may want to consider mediation.

Mediation is when the parties are assisted in their negotiations by a neutral family law attorney sitting as the parties' mediator.  Other than the court-required documents, all negotiations and information remain private and confidential.

There are many reasons to consider mediation:

  • If a full resolution takes place at mediation, you may never have to enter a court room
  • Significantly less expensive than litigation
  • Win/Win Approach - mediation is not about winners and losers. The point to mediation is for both parties to feel as if they have gotten what they needed

Congratulations. I know, it feels like such an odd thing to be hearing – or reading – the word congratulations when it pertains to your divorce, your separation, the end of your relationship. The congratulations is for something a little bit different – congratulations at looking at this difficult time in your lives from a different perspective. Congratulations on considering a different approach to airing your concerns. Congratulations on taking the time to consider something that a lot of people shy away from because they just don’t think it can work. And, you know what? Mediation is not for everyone. If you never, ever could get a word in edgewise with your significant other – mediation may not be for you. But if you can remember a time in the past – even the distant past – where the two of you made decisions together, taking the other’s feelings into account – mediation may be for you. For most people, the results are more satisfactory, knowing you worked together to come to an agreement that works better for everyone involved. It also gives you a neutral place to be heard, to say something you may have wanted to say but were to uncomfortable to say when it was just the two of you in the room. It’s not about “winning” (but if it is for you mediation probably isn’t the best option) – it’s about determining what’s best for you, your children, your lifestyle, now that the two of you have decided to part. So congratulations on taking the first step towards a new, happier, more peaceful life.


Post-Divorce Mediation

 It’s great to think that all of a couple’s problems will be worked out during the divorce or separation, but for a lot of couples that is simply not the case. And that’s okay. There is really no way for any of us to predict the myriad of issues that can arise after a divorce. That’s what post-divorce mediation is for. For the motivated parties, this as a great way to address “this new thing” that came up after the divorce was finalized or “this thing that just really doesn’t seem so fair anymore.” It’s a great way to air what you’re feeling – and if the other person is maybe having some concerns about some other issue, you can work on a fair exchange that works for both of you.


Distance/Remote/Internet-based Mediation

This particular form of mediation is appropriate for parties who, due travel or work schedules, are unable to commit to being in a particular place for one to two hours a week for multiple weeks. Parents who have to spend money to arrange child care and individuals who simply reside out of the state are also good candidates for distance based mediation.  Finally, if you just feel uncomfortable or intimidated – or just, even, sad – being in the same room, distance based mediation is a good alternative.

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